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From the Haynes Manual

Okay, the picture in the manual shows the removal of the mirror from the door pillar. May not have to do this to get the glass out, but you might get better leverage.

Anyway, since you don't have access to a fax, I will type in the info you need right here.

This is directly from the Haynes Manual (with some translation as I think there is some British nomenclature involved):

Electrically-operated mirror

5. Unclip the top of the mirror inner trim panel then move the panel upwards and away fromthe door.

6. Loosen the retaining screw and and detach the wiring connector from the mirror.

7. Undo the retaining screws and remove the mirror from the door. Recover the rubber seal which is fitted between the door and mirror; if the seal is damaged it must be replaced.

8. Refitting is the reverse of removal.

Mirror Glass

Note: The mirror glass is clipped onto the motor. Removal of the glass is likely to result in breakage if carried out carelessly.

9. Tilt the mirror glass fully inwards and insert a wide plastic or wooden wedge in between the mirror glass and mirror housing. Carefully pry the glass from the motor/adjuster. Take great care when removing the glass; do not use excessive force as the glass is easily broken.

10. Remove the glass from the mirror, where necessary, disconnect the wiring connectors from the mirror heating element.

11. On refitting, reconnect the wiring to the glass and clip the glass onto the motor/adjuster, taking great care not to break it. Ensure that the glass is clipped securely into position and adjust as necessary.

Anyway, this is all that is written about the mirror. Good luck.

I just had my rear passenger side window mechanism screw up last night on my 300E. Had to replace the rear drivers side unit two years ago with the exact same failure, so I already know how to do this. Hope the price is still about the same.
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