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Hard Starting 240D

Hello! So my wonderful 225,000 mile 240D is not starting as of today. It was having difficulty getting started and now it will not start at all. The starter turns over, battery at 12.60 volts, fresh gas. I went ahead and replaced the primary and secondary fuel filters without priming the pump and that is the first order of business tomorrow, however, before I changed the filters I noticed that these were full of gas. I would think that these would be dry if it were the fuel injection pump but now I need to figure out how to adjust the fuel injection pump also. Anyone know where to get the injection pump (drip) tool? I also thought that I would adjust the valves so that this might make it easier for a start. I've never worked on this car before. I've put engines in Volvos and VWs (yes, me and myself) and I keep my Porsche and my motorcycle (eew, I need to rebuild the carburetor) running but the diesel is new territory. Anyone? Thanks in advance.

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