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Originally Posted by blackestate
I am looking at getting a 84 or 85 300sd for a daily driver. And WVO conversion

What do I look for? What kind of milage can I expect? and what kind of performance?
I have never had much to do with these cars before. I think I may have taken a ride in one at one time...

Well, I own one of them.

So, if you are set on this size vehicle, you need to find one with maintenance records, if at all possible. Due to their age, many components need replacement at this point in time, and none of these components will be obvious to you upon cursory inspection. However, if nothing has been done to the vehicle in the last 20 years, except oil changes, you are looking at $4-5K worth of repairs (parts) in the next few years. A/C compressors, Power Brake booster, Radiator, Vacuum Pump, rotors, calipers, brake hoses, upper control arms, lower ball joints, rear springs, rear subframe bushings, rear differential mount, rear axles, climate control unit, blower motor, auxiliary fan, alternator, exhaust system, transmission...........are all 20 years old. They all are on the edge of replacement for vehicles with 200K on the clock.

Therefore, if you purchase one without maintenance records that show some of this stuff has been replaced, then you will be the one to replace it.

If you are not mechanically inclined, do not purchase one of these vehicles.

If your heart is still set on one of them, buy the best example that you can find. Find one with an excellent interior, nearly perfect paint, or a good repaint, and with zero rust. The vehicle should come from California or the southwest.

Be prepared to pay $6K for such a vehicle and make sure you see the maintenance book for it. Then, and only then, will you not need to have the tools ready every couple of months.

BTW, they do make excellent conversions to WVO and there is quite a bit of info on this site from members who have done exactly that.

The 300 SD will get approximately 27 mpg, slightly less if you routinely drive it in the city. It's not all that happy with around town running BTW.

The performance is nothing to write home about. Stock 0-60 time is about 14 seconds. The vehicle has only 125 hp.
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