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A respectful counterpoint to Jay's comments -

The W126 300SD has few electronics more than the W123 300D and my opinion is that the condition of the car you get has a lot more to do with the headaches it will cause you than how it was outfitted when new. The basic systems such as engine, transmission, suspension and climate control are essentially identical between the 300SD and the 300D. The 300SD has electrically adjusted seats which are fairly reliable. You can replace switches, motors and drive cables as necessary to keep them functioning. The 300SD has a separate vacuum system to operate the central locking feature. Problems are less frequent and when they occur, you don't end up unable to turn off the engine using the key. The 300SD is heavier but gives you more room to work on things. You're more likely to come across a 300SD with leather as you're more likely to come across a 300D with MB Tex. 25 year old leather will be nowhere in as good condition as 25 year old MB Tex.

I'm sure I missed other differences but I suspect there's a fairly limited following of the notion that compared to the W123 300D the W126 300SD is sophisticated to the point of it causing headaches today.

In the end they're all capable of going 500,000 to 1,000,000 miles

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