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Originally Posted by Hit Man X
Nope, nothing of that sort yet. I'd probably look at that Speed Sensor on it, check for wiring that's bad, then start scratching the old head.
Well, my best guess, at this point, is an evap temp sensor with a low resistance that is causing the PBU to go into default. I've ruled out all the speed sensors to the Klima.

The current PBU is from a 1991 vehicle and has an updated part number (10) versus my old PBU with the original part number (05). So, I put the old PBU back in and the default is gone.

So, go figure. I'll probably get another evap temp switch and see if it has a higher resistance. Then I'll swap the newer PBU back in and see if it will cure the default.

A royal PITA.
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