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85 300D Blowby and Engine smoke

Hello everyone,

Blowby: Plugged the valve cover tube stub and after 15 sec. elapsed, the idle RPM drops but the engine is still running. After 30 seconds, same results. Releasing the plug results in a pressure release from the valve cover. Is this an indication of "bad" blowby or "normal" operation. I know it doesn't really matter in the whole scheme of things, but this is mostly for piece of mind. I will not hook up a hefty bag to it though and measure the volume of trapped air with respect to time though . . .

Engine smoke: I installed a K&N filter on my 300D with a mandrel bent aluminum tube from the turbo to the filter. Looks really cool and frees up tons of space in the engine compt. I ripped out the stock airbox, and installed a oil breather (kragen mod) to the valve cover tube stub. After the modification, I am seeing the breather smoke like crazy (visible at stop lights from under the hood) and it drools oil on the intake manifold. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of running a oil catch can (no breather) from the valve cover to the aluminum intake tubing. Any problems with the smoke/particulates entering the combustion chamber?

Thanks in advance for your help and ideas for solving.
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