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Car starting AND running good! I did the math on this. I am running my car on soybean oil, lye and methanol and my mix was too thin in viscosity so my car was having difficulty starting. With the friction resistance of the lye, I knew I had nothing to worry about where engine wear was concerned and a quick check of the oil pan contents verified this. All I did was boil my mix a little longer for a thicker consistency and WALA! My car turns over each and every time and get when it's warmed up I don't even need to give it choke. It just quickly turns over. Smashing....

Since my car has been in a wreck (bought it that way) and has a straightened chassis (although it never really is), my car burns my 'oil' and more than I care for so instead of having to change the oil every few minutes because it's burning into thickness, I dilute it instead with more distillate .... I put a little gas in the crankcase and by measured percentage.

Thanks for the reply! This is a great forum!

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