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Ive had Both

Hey guys most of the posts seem to be on the ball here, the BM is a better car as a driving enthusiast could wish for. I do miss it very much(323i) it went really well and so much fun on the open road. BUT BUT BUT one thing I definately dont miss is the constant putting your hand in your pocket for bits and pieces.
A friend of mine had a Stag and I used to always give him heaps, always in the garage being worked on. But the bimer was delicate also (NOT as much but still delicate)
Another of my mates has a 323 coupe(M3 lookalike) and is always winging about service costs also.
But since getting into benzes I dont seem to be paying out as much for maintenance or as frequently, they just keep on going as long as look after them.
The benz is not a all out performer like the bimmer but they can go hard if you need to.
If you really like your benz then stay with it or pick up a 400e or 500e now I hear they go really well. As long as you have a benz they always go for a long time, in Europe the are not uncommon to go over 500,000kms without major work.
Just thought I would put in my two cents worth (in Australian currency, so thats one cent US)
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W116 280 se sold
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