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Brembo offers a big brake kit for the R129. They don't have a specific kit for the E500/500Es. Brembo says that if the suspension upright and caliper mounting points are the same as the R129 then the R129 kit will bolt on. You still need to see if the wheel offset is the same.

I know that the wheel offsets are the same as the wheels that fit both carry the same part numbers (i.e. the Evo II wheels). What about the caliper mounting points and the "suspension upright"?

I've heard that the SL600 brakes fit directly on the E500, can I safely assume that the answer to all the above is Yes?

The reason I ask is that my Expedition has a brembo kit which uses the same rotors and possibly the same calipers as the kit for the R129. I'm selling my truck. I'd want to be able to recycle the Brembos for the 500E. Hopefully, I'd only have to order new hats and brackets.

Many thanks...

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