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I just bought a water pump for an 86 monte carlo at Autozone for $28 after exchange, and spent a whopping 1 hour at a beer-driven pace changing it. I scraped a knuckle and broke 1 cheap socket. I just got a quote from my local dealer (dealer=criminal) for a pump for my Benz, which they spooled off some mind-numbing explaination of it being a 5 piece part, of $318.70 (no, not installed...) then found the same part here for about $85. While I'm certainly not in any way related to Albert Einstien, I'm guessing I can change it myself, albiet it will take parts of 2 days and involve "special tools" and require a note from the King of Germany, plus the good graces of the old Nordic Gods. My Benz has 160k miles on it and runs like new. The Monte has 182k miles on it and runs like new. Go figure. What does it all mean? I dunno. I'm somewhat embarassed to be seen in the Monte with it's now "flat silver" paint scheme, but I'm also slightly embarassed by my otherwise perfect 190's peeling clearcoat. The 190 rides better, but the Monte will run off and leave it. The 190 is very, very quiet inside while going down the road, but the Monte is great fun with the T-tops out. hmmmmm....
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