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heh heh


i have a 240d automatic in central alabama, it isnt mountainous, but it is VERY hilly, to run the air conditioner on the interstate and keep up(rather...barely avoid being run over by yukons and caravans lol) with traffic, i have *have* to run WOT or risk my safety!


you should buy one of those little notebooks thats like, a miniature composition book. keep track of what you do and your weekly mileage and such, itll remind you! i like to forget things beyond oil changes as well. mostly lately it has been fueling before the little red light comes on, i hate that it comes on so late, like 10 minutes before the car sputters and runs out of fuel heh heh

Anyone Else-

how often are we supposed to change the air filters? why dont parts suppliers on the internet offer auto-payment options? my bank account could not handle it, but if i had a life outside of academia, and were paid for my labor(dontcha hate working 40 hours a week and paying the school to do it?) i might sign up for an auto-maintenence plan, send you all the things your cars service schedule warrants at the correct service intervals, it would be wonderful!
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