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well, my driving is 80 miles a weekday, very little on the weekend.

my father says that 3 months regardless of mileage is fine, i dont know what i do actually...let me use my handy-dandy computadora calculator!

isnt it wonderful that this big flat screen g5 computer can be used as a calculator? i never remember that they give you one with the software...

ok, so thats roughly 6k miles in 3 months, ive done my oil in the merc 3 times so far, 10k since january. i thought i read 5k miles for changes?

the neon was recommended 7.5k but i dont trust that, it seems like lots of miles for a car that can turn 7500rpms and has a capacity of a *whole* 4.5 quarts!

i have to say though, that little leon is a champ, the oil light has come on more than a few times because i keep forgetting ive been driving it for 8 *years* ...its still that shiny little car i drove off the new car lot in my head for some reason! 135k and not a single mechanical part replaced!

i dont know which is better though, a car engineered as a fail all at once, or a car that will last forever, but need attention almost constantly.

what say youall?
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