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Hi Eric,

So far so good. I haven't had much opportunity to put any miles on them or to hit some of my fav roads around here. I can tell you this ... they are THEE quietest tire I have ever experienced. I only put on 2, at the rear, but the difference over the Michelin XVS's is noticeable. I had one little shot yesterday where I was out on some farm roads and tried to break the rearend loose. They are very predictable as you approach adhesion limits and despite the relatively tall sidewall, I felt little if any rollover. Time will tell whether they will deliver decent wear. But, given they are quite inexpensive should soften any disappointment on that score. Tirerack has them in 205-60-15 for $63. I bought them locally for $86 installed, speed balanced with chrome stems. Be aware the tire is on National backorder from Yokohama. 2 months or more until wide availability. Tirerack is one of the few, very few, who have any stock at the moment. So far I like 'em a bunch. I'm thinking of moving them to the front and the old Michelin's to the rear 'cause I always chew up 2 backs to 1 front so I can get a full set of 4 on the car.

Good luck, Eric.

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