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Finally had my smashed windshield replaced. I had to get a new piece of trim for the top of the windshield. When they gave me piece of trim from the windshield, it was black. The rest of my trim is a metallic sort of smoke chrome colour. I asked the parts man to come out and look at my car. He said my trim was originally black and had just faded. I have looked at several 92-94 cars and they all had trim the same colour as mine. He INSISTED that they were all black. Since I didn't really have a choice, I took the part. Didn't they change the trim on these cars around '90, when MB started painting the bumpers?
I would rather have the trim match. The smoke chrome looks MUCH better with my smoke silver car. If anyone knows if the trim changed, please let me know. I have some trouble believing that the black trim would fade that much. Maybe so...
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