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Michael is correct....

They just BEGAN with those cars. The problem still exists even in many w210's and 202's. This is why it's so funny to me that MB now denies any culpability in the matter, considering that many of the problem cars are still under the 4/50 original warranty. And the previous poster is right--you will get about as much help from Jacksonville as you will from calling a Fiat dealer... By the way, I wouldn't consider the replacement of those AC parts under warranty such a big deal. This is why the parts from your dealer cost more (fairly), because they come with an MB warranty. They also make a big deal out of advertising it, so asking them to fulfill their contractual obligation shouldn't even be an issue.
Why do the factory/importer people think that their ultimate customer satisfaction lies in New Jersey or the Factory, not the end user? As a MB geek in my fourth decade, it makes me sick....
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