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Re: The squeaky wheel theory

Originally posted by rdurbeck
A couple years back I replaced the entire AC system on my 1987 190E, compressor, condensor, drier. I went to an independant AC shop and they got MB parts from the dealer. After 11 months 2 weeks, the compressor went. The replacement of the compressor, new drier, and labor was $1000. Since the compressor was under the 1 year warranty, MBUSA paid the entire bill including the drier and labor. Sometimes all you have to do is ask.
The problems I have had with M/B, mainly in Huntsville, Al. have had nothing to do with just simply asking. I always believe you can get more done with others by first allowing them the chance to respond to the problem with their own initiative. There are service problems out there. They exist. Furthermore, my family has been driving M/B cars for decades. My mother now drives a '01 S430. This is not my first rodeo! After I consulted with the regional rep in JAX, I realized that MBUSA is beginning to stink from the top.
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