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Originally Posted by coachgeo
IMHO save the money. No coversion neccissary. Use a blend. Collect Used Cooking Oil, filter and DEWATER it. Then go 80 % of this oil, 20%Reg UL. Gas and some cetane boost (kugel blend) Do a coolant fuel heat exchanger for winter. You do NOT want to get this blend as hot as folk running on non blends. Just heat it some, simular to the temps of the OEM fuel heater.

Thanks for the advise. I will go with your idea. Do you run 20% Reg UL all the time? After you have filtered wvo can I add the Reg UL to the drum or do I add it direct to the fuel tank? In other words I would like to have a 40 gallons of finished product. Will the blend stay stable for 2=3 weeks?
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