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Originally Posted by rdc500
Thanks for the advise. I will go with your idea. Do you run 20% Reg UL all the time? After you have filtered wvo can I add the Reg UL to the drum or do I add it direct to the fuel tank? In other words I would like to have a 40 gallons of finished product. Will the blend stay stable for 2=3 weeks?
The best person to ask is Kugel not I. Try to ping him on the mauigreen infopop board. I am on hiatis from doing veg as my time is locked into starting my new (non veg) business

IMHO best to add in a drum. Then you need a way to mix it. Don't use an elictric drill and paint stir...... spark and gas fumes.... not good. I used an air drill and a paint stir. Temporily you could mix in a smaller contaner and shack it well.

Even better when you make your filter system in your shop or garage plumb it so you can use it to circlulate the blend to ensure it mixes well. Yes blend will stay stable if stored under same expectations of gasoline.
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