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Robert Boyer
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'88 420 SEL rear suspension-stops

Thanks for respondeing, but I don't think its compressed mounts. Actually, there's no rubber there on either side, at all. The metal extensions (about 3 inches long each-top and bottom) are: lower, extending from the top of the middle section of the rear lower control arm; upper: just above that, extending down from the main chassis frame. It's the same on both sides. The lower extended piece has about a 1/4 inch hole in it; the upper extended piece, none. As I mentioned earlier, I have no rubber on either side - and it looks like the way it functions, when the wheel goes lower - under load or road conditions - the two pieces act as a 'stop' to prevent the car from bottoming out or to control the limit of its up and down movement. They are, again, solid pieces. However, without rubber bushings, they will contact metal-to-metal. By now, you should have an idea of what I'm describing. So-my question again is, should there be a rubber bushing on the lower or upper part? And if so, how would it be described so that I can order the parts? Thanks again.
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