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Donna: I've fixed alot of the warning light problems and stalling in traffic problems with the overvoltage protection relay also. You'd have to be pretty handy to replace it yourself, though. It is attached to a bracket with a nut and bolt and is rather inaccessable, not "buried" really, but not as simple as pulling it out either. I usually take the battery out to replace it, or else the battery "fights" you every step of the way. I'd give it a try.
The rough start sounds like the valve stem seals are seeping, causes a problem just like you are saying is going on. The seals harden with age, or else wear out. With your car, I'd say it's age. It's not a terrible job to get done, probably the best part of $500, though.
This recall you mentioned (at the NHTSA website) for the throttle cable bushing was important to have done, but not part of your concerns at all. The old bushing was rubber and would get soft and allow the throttle to become disconnected, a real safety issue since it was more likely to occur at more heavy throttle applications, like when you pull away from a stop, could happen at very inopportune times, as anyone can imagine. The new bushing is plastic and I've never seen one fail.
I'd look into getting the OVP relay checked, there is a particular part number and country (Austria, I belive) of manufacture that are affected, and have an updated part number to replace it with. The valve stem seals could wait, it won't make the car up and die or anything.
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