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I hear you. My wife cannot possibly understand for the life of her why I am so enamored with my car and how I can actually find it fun to spend time learning more about the technical aspects of it. To me, however, it's like reading a novel where the deeper you get into it the more you appreciate the intricacies and elegance of it.

RE: oil pressures, another thing I forgot to mention is that I have been told that oil pressure gauges and temp. gauges in MBs are "linear," meaning that they give you a true and accurate reading. I always wondered why our Ford Exploder (oops, Explorer) 's oil gauge would NEVER vary from its mid-position, regardless of ambient temp., idling vs. heavy throttle, etc. I was informed that most other manufacturers' gauges are "NONLINEAR" meaning that a large change in actual pressure is translated into a small change in the gauge reading -- mostly to prevent driver anxiety . . . A different approach from the folks at Stuttgart who feel we have a right to know the truth . . .
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