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What I heard So far...

First, JCE's links are quite awesome.

I have been told to stick with R-12, and buy it on ebay if you have to, because the older systems were not designed to handle the pressures of R-134a refrigerant.

I have been told that "Freeze 12" will adequately and directly replace R-12 refrigerant, and that it will cool as well as R-12, and I have been told by others that it won't work as well, and will still blow out your compressor in short order. Freeze-12 is 80% R-134a & 20% R-142b...

I have been told that R-134a is the right replacement, and I have been told that R-134a will result in a compressor replacement in about 6 mos. Some swear by the R-134a conversion, but then add that it doesn't cool as well as the original.They say that it works well at highway speeds, but sucks at slower speed like when in traffic, or downtown...

The secret seems to be in lubricating the compressor, and the pressures exerted on your AC system.

I ain't decided yet, so let me know what you come up with...
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