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Please help me I am out of ideas. I have a 78 240-D with a strange problem. The car won't start. When the key is turned nothing happens. There is no noise at all. I have replaced the battery and starter. The first time I replaced the starter it worked for about 5 months, then one day the problem started all over again. Thinking I had got a bad starter I got a new one under warranty. This time It only worked a few days. I removed the starter and had it tested. The starter seems to work great. After putting the starter back in the car it started three times then nothing. I noticed the positve cable had some corrosion on it so I replaced that. The car started great for a few more days and then, Bang another no start. It seems if I remove the starter and put it back in it starts for a while then will stop working. What the heck is going on. The ground cable seems fine but just to be sure I ran a cable from the negative post staight to the starter with no results. Please help me I am stumped.
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