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I purchased a 1986 420SEL, with 260K+ miles. It appears to be idled very high. So far, I have replaced the air compressor, a side mirror and a few fuses. It starts and runs O.K. but yesterday, I discovered the turns signals no longer work. Can somebody tell me where, under the hood the turn signal flasher are located? The previous owner told me that a friend jammed the wrong key in the drivers door. I have to unlock the passenger side of the car before I can open the drivers door. By the way, the locks are electrical. I can turn the key to the right, but not to the left. The nearest dealership is 100 miles away and they are usually booked when I am off and they are closed on Saturdays. What other options can I take? The factory alarm is another story. Sometimes it goes off when I don't know it on. I'm still trying understand this system. I also need info on the front auxilary fan. Does it cool the radiator or something? To make it short, I'd appreciate any information regarding what to expect with this particular model with all these miles. I would like to prepare this car for a 800 mile trip. This is my very first MB and my first time joining your forum. Please advise. Thanks!
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