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Originally Posted by Large_Crab
I inherited the 84 300SD from my dad, who said about 2 years ago, the glow plugs got changed. My plugs indicator light works about 1 out of 10 tries, other than that, its just been really grumpy on cranking and I don't know why...
Grumpy starting AND indicator not working usually means 2 or more GPs are not functioning. They do eventually burn out, and it sounds like you are not quite sure how old yours are...

Go ahead, take 5-10 minutes and check each GP for resistance as I described.

I also found that when my lamp would not light up with known good GPs, there was some corrosion some of the sockets of the 6-pin GP wiring harness connector. My connector has 6 sockets, you will have 5 and a 'blank.' Take a good a look, and if you see some white or green fluffy, powdery substance, spray in some good contact cleaner (NOT WD-40!) and clean up the socket. Corrosion can add enough resistance to make the system act like a GP is burned out, but make good contact once in a while.

Originally Posted by Large_Crab
...Are fuses tied to glowplugs in some way? I think I'm long overdue for changing out the fuses, so I'm interested in whether or not this will help the plugs.
The fuses you are thinking about are not involved. There is an 80A strip fuse for the GP relay itself. It is flat and held by two phillips screws, and if it cracks or melts, none of the GPs will EVER come on.

If this fuse is gone, you will get REALLY grumpy starting, or no starting at all! The strip fuse does not need not need to be cleaned or rotated like the barrel fuses.

Originally Posted by Large_Crab
...Again, sorry if this question has already been addressed someplace else on this board. I DID try searching!
Thank you for searching. The Search feature is a bit limited, and a lot of the information is contained 'off topic' in an unrelated thread, or buried pretty well.

Let us know what you find.

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