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Old 06-09-2001, 03:03 PM
Johnson Chan
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You said my misfortune will come around, well it did, today. It didnt come around, it came again, lol. Your not going to beleive what happened.

I took it to Jiffy lube to have the AC system recharged with R134a.

They broke the vaccumm element where the hose goes to the master cylinder. So my car does not shut off, you have to pop the hood and hit the stop button. GRRR, i am pretty pissed, i guess monday i will have to go to the MB dealer for parts, AGAIN!!!!!

They are going to pay for the part and do the repair, but i am going to have a lot of lost time driving back and forth and its embaressing as hell to pop your hood to turn off your car everywhere you go.
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