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Well Just to try something,

I bought some techron fuel system cleaner, added it, and topped off with premium fuel from my usual station, and guess what. The car starts a little better now.

fuel system cleaner is in, And I did not get a fuel filter from pep boys, No way is a purolator going in my car and not at $49.99. I'd rather get a factory filter even if it costs more.

But For now we shall see. The moment I topped off with the premium fromt he other station, all was better...

I do have one question though, Could the fuel filler cap be the cause if it doesn't seal properly?

I noticed mine was a bit out of whack, so I readjusted it and it seems better now. But it was sealing well before, so its beyond me.

I also decided just for the heck of it to spend the few dollars on some new spark plugs. Copper core champions for my car. I was looking through the plugs at pep boys and almost every plug is platinum for my car. So I explicitly told the guy I don't want the platinum. it took him a few more minutes, but he finally got the page that had the copper plugs.

I'm gonna stick em in later.

Thanks for the replies guys, The insight has been most helpful. I think the fuel cleaner, new plugs, and new premium fuel should hopefully clear up the problem.

I did contemplate some octane booster, but the last time I used that stuff in one of my cars (the MGB), it melted through the fuel lines.

In anycase, I'll keep you guys posted as to my findings.


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