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New Problem/Comments/Questions

Hi Guys! Thank you so much for all of your kind replies. I really appreciate them. :-) I have read them all and I have done some scant research on some of the suggestions. I now have four observations/questions:

(1)a. I never buy anything but premium unleaded gasoline and have the oil changed on the car once a year (even though my oil is as clean as can be because I drive it now < 300 miles or so a year!). I am confused that with this being so (and I presume that the prior owner also did the same), why should there be such a carbon buildup at all.? Afterall, the car has only 79,000 miles on it. Have I been cheated at the gas pumps? I will, however, now only fill up at a Chevron dealer (a little bit out of the way for me, but from what everyone has said, it is worth it).
(1)b. I have also added fuel additives over the years (not Chevron Techron) to clean the engine and injectors, but I just bought 2 bottles of Chevron Techron and will add these as soon as I am down to 1/4 of a tank. Should I add both bottles or do one bottle and fill up; then wait until I am down to 1/4 tank again and then add the other bottle?

(2) Because of the variety of suggestions and my scant financial resources, I think my course of immediate action in addition to adding the Chevron Techron will be to bring the car to a repair shop that can read any codes that may be stored in the computer. It is my hope that doing this will also reset the computer (and perhaps those darn ASR & ABS lights will go out). I do not think that there is anything wrong with both systems because there is no decrease in engine power or braking action. Am I right in thinking that the right repair shop (I live in Suffolk County on Long Island, NY) must have the LAMBDA software? I ask this because one shop said they could bypass "things" and reset the codes/computer...

(3) I just noticed that my car door open "chiming" has not been sounding at all. The other sound when one puts the key in the ignition is still working -- you know the one that is like a super loud constant buzzing. My horn/car alarm still works too. I looked at the fuse box under the hood, but I cannot identify any fuse that relates to that chime. Nor do any fuses in the box look bad. Any ideas what could cause this to happen? How to fix it? Is this perhaps related to something else...

(4) I will strive to drive the car for at least a half hour to an hour straight once a week. I am afraid to admit that in the past three years, I have driven it for 5 minute or so increments basically -- local stop and go; run errands.
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