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Wm. Lewallen
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You can make your own jumper for the starter. In front of your battery there is a bunch of wires with plastic sheathing. Make a slit in this piece of plastic, reach in and pull out the purple wire. Skin back the insulation a bit and splice in a wire. Touch the other end to battery +
If your solinoid and starter are in good shape, the engine should turn over. If you want to start the car, glow the plugs. This jumper wire by-passes all safety features so make sure the park brake is set and in neutral. If your car is anything like my 1977 300D, there is a relay for the starter. It's located in the climate control box on the inner fender in front of the brake master cylinder.. There are two relays and a 2 amp. fuse in this box. One relay is for the AC clutch and starter. The other is for the aux. fan...
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