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The fact that you have a fuel trim error combined with a misfire suggests to richer mixture?

If you O2 sensor is cyclying up and down I would forget about this. The fuel trim error is simply saying the mixture is outside the range that the computer can adjust to.

If you have a new MAF in, then thats one thing eliminated.

I dont know where you would look next, however things that can cause over rich mixture include temp sensor for inject, air temp sensor, throttle actuator?

The two sensors are relitavely cheep.

As for the signal from the MAF, I would make the assumption that the computer goes to limp home mode when it senses major error. I might be wrong.

Come on guys, back me up, or shoot me down!! lol

PS. on a side note, this sounds like a simular probelm i had in a 95 c200. It was giving lamda out of range and maf faliure, but it turned out that the computer wasnt getting enough voltage.
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