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If your refering to me as a "bozo", I will match my experience against yours anyday. Furthermore your so called credentials don't impress me in the least. It's crooks like you that rip good people off by charging by the book. The books are so inflated with labor hours, that in real time you can do most jobs in half the time stated by the books. These books ie; time and management are written for dealers to make money. That's the problem today, everbody wants to get rich quick. Any so called "bozo", can rebuild a 280SL, there about as complcated as a lawnmower engine. Try working on a BMW sometime, then I might consider you as a mechanic! I also am a Master certified Technician, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo & Saab. I have had my own shop for 35 years, specializing in these vehicles, you wouldn't work for me very long if it takes you 35 hours for a rebuild.

Have A Nice Day!
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