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Accleration problems...

From what I recall on a CNN report many, many years ago...There was a woman in a parking garage, anyways, the end result was a by standard being hit. There was a report of a certain model, can't recall to this day (saw this in the early 90's) that there was a problem with the acceleration system and would cause some certain cars to lurch without pressure on the gas pedal.

Then I experienced it myself. I was not scared, it was more like my 560 SEL (87) shifted into fourth and wanted to keep on going without my assistance. However, I have felt some rare acceleration without my control. It has only happened to me twice since I have owned the car, three times when my partner was driving. The cruise control works fine and I completely dismiss that anything is wrong (of course!) There was somewhat of a 'out of control acceleration' problem, no matter how sad it is to admit...

Then again I am not an official MB tech so I am sure I will get flack!

(waiting to get an R-12 charge...)
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