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Gee, I figured you were a hobbiest and didn't include the labor. I didn't figure you for a fool.

If you work professionally on MBs and did a 230SL out the door for $2000, then you must have a very small oak tree you are working under. Proper shade trees cost more than that.

Credentials don't mean crap in this discussion. Experience does. My shop writes 10,000 invoices a year and I'll bet I worked on more BMWs in the last year than you have worked in your life.

BTW the book I was refering to is the book that MB made to decide how much their technicians would be paid under warrantee. Very few people use it. Most use aftermarket books that are 25 -50% higher. My shop averages around 40 billed hours out of each of our eight techs who each work about 45 hours a week. Books can be used improperly! But what are you using?

I have supervised and/or built hundreds of MB/BMW/Porsche engines and a proper job on a 280SL will take all of 35 hours. If you are doing it faster I challenge your thoroughness and/or your attention to details. Do you replace the valve guides,do you do a three angle valve seat cut to narrow the seat width. Do you, oh hell, I'll be glad give you all the engine overhauls anyway, my people take at least 50 hours whenever they do one of those old guys; painting this, polishing that.

Real techs do driveability work anyway; engine repair is for blacksmiths.

What about the rest of you? Any other techs out there that rebuilt any motor for $2000 lately. Any of you want to do a quality rebuild for less than 35 hours. And I don't mean pulling the head and the pan and throwing some rings on the thing. In my book a rebuild includes boring that block and new pistons. Rebuilding means making new, not just taking it apart and putting it back with new seals.

Are you the guy that works for free for ymsin in Singapore?

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