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Brothers of The Benz
It's good to read good things are happening to we who have problems.
One thing that amazes me is why most of us build our houses from the roof down!
For me, when I am performing a tune-up; I establish wheither my engine is worthy of operating properly after the tune-up.
I establish the condition of my engine before I start to replace parts.
First and the easiest is the basic dry compression test.
This tells me if all is well with the valves and if needed the piston rings.
The test for the rings is the wet compression test.
If in question, a fuel pump pressure test is performed. This is not normally performed for a minor tune-up.
I visually inspect the air filter and clean or replace it.
Now I do a visual inspection of the old spark plugs, for these are the eyes to your engine.
So much information can be learned from the condition of the spark plugs.
Never overlook the battery.
Check the charge voltage, for a low battery can cause problems we weren't aware of.
Top of the electrolyte level using distilled water.
Check the battery cable end at the battery post.
It never hurts to remove them and clean both connections.
If all turns out well; you've gathered and logged this data for comparison at the next tune-up.
After all of this Mickey Mouse testing, you know better what parts need to be replaced instead of a wholesale attack from The Blue Light Special Parts Department.
I know this may be the technique most of us use, but for those new to DIY, I hope I've helped them in a small way.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!
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