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I Flipped the switch today! (WVO Conversion)

I just got back from my first test run on waste vegetable oil.

I have been piecing it all together for about a month... and adding parts every off day. Finally I got the last piece in today, the pump. After bleeding all the air from the lines and flipping the switch that controls the 6-port pollak valve the car ran just like it was on diesel, but a bit smoother, and quieter at idle.

I am using a fresh water RV tank in the trunk as my tank, and HOH lines with steel 3/8" tubing (insulated), Permacool filter, Facet Pump, Pollak 6-port vavle.

It runs well.

The facet pump that I bought at napa did not work well at all! As a trial currently I am using one of those water transfer pumps you use with a drill, and a cordless drill to power it... What kind of pump should I get to replace this ?

Just thought I would let you guys in on the good news!

BTW- This project got started just under a year ago when I bought the car needing a new engine, see my thread on the engine swap HERE
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