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After looking for about 2 years for a nice 300d in my price range, I finally picked one up yesterday. Here are a few things I would like some advice on:

1) tires - what size is recommended for this model? Sears said 195/70/14, which seems a little puny. I was thinking about Michelins.

2) for some reason (likely from theft at one point) the car has a VIN issued by the state. The previous owner says it is an '84, but it is registered as an '82. Can someone give me some suggestions on how I might determine what year this is so I don't order the wrong parts for it? Here are some potentially identifying characteristics: the headlights are the type where you put the bulb in the back (possibly e-code?) - I thought most US 300d models came with lamps where you replace the whole lamp unit when they go bad (like on older US cars). It also has more bolstered seats, which I read were only installed in '84 and '85 model years. Also, it has a different transmission modulater on the valve cover. Rather than vacuum hoses connected to it like I noticed on the 240d automatics I looked at, it has a cable attached which runs down to the transmission. Do any of these things distinguish an '84 from an '82? What else might I look for?

3) The dashboard glowplug light doesn't come on, so I plan on checking the fuse in the relay and replacing the #1 glowplug for starters. Which plug is #1, the one at the front of the motor or the one at the back? Are there any fuse panel fuses which might have something to do with this? I do not have any trouble starting the car though.

4) On the drive home yesterday the temp gage ran below the 100 degree mark on the open road and would creep up to just below the 100 degree mark in town. Does this sound normal? I remember most other MB diesels I test drove ran at about the same temperature, but in reading the archives I have seen that the ideal temperature is around 82. Is this correct or is my car running a little warm? It was in the 80s or high 70s yesterday.

Those are all the questions I can think of for now. Thanks in advance for the input.

'82 ('84) 300D, 147k
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