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hehe I understand the approach donald, and its very thourough.

For me, I knew it had to be either fuel or spark related, seems to me that it was a bit of both.

Bad fuel might have messed with the plugs, which were NGK copper core plugs, but They appeared fine, not burned or oiled or overly fueld, just the tips were greyish red in color as I think they should be.

With the fuel system cleaner, new premium fuel, and the new plugs, the car fires up instantly, and feels better.

I will replace the cap too, but since the cracks in it don't seem to be affecting it, I will just leave it for now as the cracks appear to be from the previous owners mechanic overtightening them. They are stress cracks at the bolt holes.

I will buy a new cap in a week or so just to be safe.

My approach donald is to spend the few dollars on cleaners/spark, then if that fails well $10.00 out of my pocket aint a harmful thing, especially when the stuff I did could cause no harm in the first place. If that fails, I start to look elsewhere. Fuel system pressure, Spark problems (I.E. Cap, rotor, wires, coil), and then I start looking into electrical.

I am not one to blindly replace parts in the hopes it will fix it.

I took some advice about fuel system treatment/cleaner, topped up the tank (the fuel system cleaner I used was Techron Complete, which also removes water from the fuel). I then decided plugs would not hurt.

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