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Car operates fine, though there are known issues with the passenger seat belt being jammed, a bad expansion valve in the A/C, and a few other things. Anyhow, I checked for diagnostic codes and found a bunch.

At a minimum, I am hoping that someone can explain which systems correspond to which pins on the diagnostic connector. I know that #3 is the CIS-E and #6 is the SRS, but have no clue what the others are. Further, if someone has a spreadsheet or text document with the interpretation of these codes I would much appreciate that too.

Finally, was thinking about a simple circuit that could drive a pair of L.E.D. displays to count the diagnostic pulses automatically. Would cost about $7 in electronic components and another $3 for a nice little enclosure. Would be simple to make. Anybody interested? Probably not worth the trouble, but hey?

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