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Well it's about time!!!

But I got bad new for you Andy, you really didn't need to make any modifications to the car to burn WVO. I started putting 8 gallons of WVO in the tank, then thinning it out with 1-2 gallons of gas, or kerosene, or diesel.

Now granted withyour HIH you will be able to run in the winter months, but, that mod could have waited. What I do, is I get a cubie, and pump it through a filter, I think fram 2111 using an electric fuel pump. IT takes a few minutes (15 or so) to pump the contents , but I'm doing other things at the time.

TIP: If you're burning WVO and the engine start to not perform like it should, add 1 or 2 dollars of gas to the mixture to thin it out. I was at a point where I could (didn't want to) change the fuel filter, so I added a little petrol and the sluggishness of the too-thick veggie oil, went away.

On a side note, I drove my car 500 miles this past week and it only cost me about $5.00 in Gas!!! the rewt was WVO

Welcome to the club. It won't take long for you to save enough money from not having to buy diesel, to sav e up for another benz.

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