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Everyone please go back and read be459's post. There are R12 replacements THAT ARE EXPLOSIVE. This sounds harmless since it is used as refrigerant in a sealed system. But what if a compressor locks up making a spark?

I was told about these replacements explosive content several years ago and have avoided them. I also have posted warnings on mshop several different times.

Folks, it's not worth the risk. There has been debate here whether or not to convert an original R12 system to R134a and they are interesting. I have kept some on R12 and converted others. But that debate is completely benign as compared to whether or not to use R12 replacements.

Use R12 or R134a and leave the Freeze 12 and the other BOMBS for someone else.

be459's post is the first I've actually heard of an actual explosion, but I'm not surprised that it finally happened.

Is it really worth saving $50 or $100 by taking a risk of burning you or your family members?

Good luck,
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