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Ryan M.
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OBVIOUSLY, a new MB owner here. I picked up a 1993 300E 2.8 last week. Love it, and want to do all the maintenance points - not sure when the previous owner did them.

I'm TRYING to change the oil (my pride makes me hesitate at this point, as I've worked on Fords, Fiats/Lancias, Volvos, and even older Mercedes before, but...), but I can't find the oil filter housing. I thought I had it located until I peeked at the DIY section on this site.

On the exhaust manifold side of my engine, space is pretty tight, but I can only assume it has to be there somewhere - under the alternator? I pulled off the bottom engine cover (the Topsider suddenly became quite appealing) to get access to the oil pan and have a look, but I still had no luck.

Fuel filter's next - IF I can FIND it....

Thanks in advance for answering my embarassing question.

By the by, GREAT SITE. I've been looking for a site like this from the day I picked up the car.
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