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Thanks for the tip. I did remove both valve covers this weekend, and the right side cam has one really worn lobe (the one mentioned eariler). I will have the local dealer replace soon. One other thing that I am concerned about is the possibility of thread damage during removal of the camshaft bolts. Is my concern warranted? I'm also wondering if I can count on my local MB dealer to inform me, if there is any damage done in the process. I've heard that if helicoiling is necessary, then that requires the complete removal of the head. Is this true? Is there any need for concern here? Should I question my dealer about this? One last thing please....I have one spark plug that is always "really oiled-up" upon replacement. It is on the same side as this camshaft, but not the same cylinder. Could this be valve seals, or valve stem seals, or something like that?, and should I have this done while having the camshaft replaced....or does this require complete removal of the head as well. "THANKS EVERYONE FOR THIS VERY VALUABLE INPUT".
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