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Unless you have verified proof that the Tchain guides were replaced within the last 100k miles (frequent oil changes) or 60k (infrequent oil changes)I would not start the car until the following has been done.

Go buy a valve cover gasket, take off one of the valve covers and check the color of the plastic guide. If it is some variation of white plastic, wonderful!!! If, on the other hand, it is a dark reddish brown, have the car towed to your favorite shop for a Tchain, tensioner and guides. Even if your guides are new you may still want have the chain checked for stretch.

Best money you will ever spend.

PS If you do need a Tchain job find a great inde shop, some places ask $1k+ for this job, mine was done for $500.
You should be able to get a top quality job for $500-$700.

Best of luck
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