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Freeze-12 is not explosive. But when it starts burning, I think, poison gas comes out. It is a mixture of 80% R-134a (HFC) and 20% R142b (HCFC). The reason people use it because you can still use the mineral oil that R12 uses. R134a does not mix with mineral oil, so the lub job is done by R142b, 20% of the refrigerants. Do you really want to do this to your system, the oil is carried by 20% of the refrigerant thru out the system? The manufacturer said it is okay.

Befor you decide if freeze-12 is for you, here are my concerns:

1. R142b (HCFC) is the same family as R-22 which is used in the home air conditioning system. I read from some place that R-22 is very bad for the rubber seals, therefore, R-22 is not good for the car. If 20% of refrigerant is HCFC, how bad can it do to the seal. I do not know. The manufacturer says it is okay.

2. Freeze-12 needs to be liquid charged, if not, the percentage of mixture will be changed. In other words, if it leaks from your A/C system, in order to get the same ratio of mixture, you have to take all the remaining stuff out of the system and recharge it with fresh Freeze-12. There is a "problem". You cannot legally vent the stuff into the air. How are you going to service the system legally and cheaply? Maybe, the manufacturer has a recycler center to collect the remaining gas for a cheap price, assuming that you have the right equipments.


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