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I just had my brakes done, and the rotors cannot be turned.
All four cost me $600.00
The window regulators vary, but run between $100 to $200. It
is not a terrible job but not a fun one either. The door
panels anchors will tear out unless you are VERY careful. If
the tex at the top of the doors is loose, I've had good luck
using 3M interior adhesive and the neat little spring steel
document clips to hold them until the glue drys. I've also
fixed inumerable electricle problems by disconnecting as
many connectors as I could find, cleaning them, spraying
them with contact cleaner and reconnecting them. The dash
can be intimdating to pull apart until you read the posts
here and find out how, but it is made so well that it is
actually easy to work on once you get the hang of it. The
climate control was designed by 47 blind/deaf/mute/insane
genius engineers working independantly of each other, so
be patient and read the posts here if it breaks. I have an
88 2.3 that I love, but it does have it's quirks. Elderly
one-legged women on bicycles will pass you with the 2.3 8
valve or the 6 cylinder either one, but the 16V engine is
fairly hot. Short of replacing the engine with a 5.0, there
is not much you can do about the performance. Enjoy...
88 190E 2.3 160k miles and getting better everyday.
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