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since the last post, a new fuel regulator was tried but it did not alleviate the problem. Further tests conducted included the previously mentioned cleaning procedure, but the spout connector to the cold start injector was disconnected. The starting procedure did not seem to be under the same duress as before, and the engine turned over after about 30 seconds of cranking. The exhaust color was typical of a very rich mixture, a translucent gold-brown color, similar to fresh oil. After running for approximately 2 to 3 minutes, the exhaust color began to turn increasingly cloudy with light grey-blue smoke, indicative of oil burning.

During this session the engine seemed to be very rough (considering what it should run like), similar to that when a cylinder is dead. I experienced a similar problem in a Corvette where the plug wires were arcing on the exhaust header creating a miss in the sequence. We pulled the plugs, and they were dark with carbon soot and damp, but they were not as damp as they originally were.

Again, any help and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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