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i believe the main factor contributing to the Euro-beam quality is the lens (of course there could be differences also with the reflector). Following is a comparison of a stock 190e headlamp lens (top) with the Euro lens.

the lens "flutings" determine how the light is spread. The finer the flutings, the wider the beam will be spread. Notice how haphazard the stock lens fluting patterns look compared with the Euro version.

the areas defined by the blue lines illuminate the low beam area directly ahead of the vehicle (the topmost part of the lens illuminates the part of the road ahead nearest the car). The bottom parts of these blue areas define the sharp horizontal cutoff of the low beam, which is designed to not glare oncoming drivers.

the area defined by the green lines illuminates the low beam areas to the sides of the road ahead, just enough to see objects on the curbside, for example.

the area defined by the red lines creates the asymmetric part of the low beam, which illuminates the road signs on the right side of the road. This creates the upswept part of the low beam - the "/" in "_/_/"

In my opinion, if you are looking for a quick fix, turn on your foglamps as auxiliary lighting for your low beam, but be sure to aim it properly for proper road illumination as well as to not glare oncoming drivers.

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