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Richard, Thanks for the advice. I will look into that LubriMoly Ventil Sauber for future reference

I was going to change the oil after my next tank in anycase as I was going to run another full tank of gas to make sure I get all the techron used up.

I also want to make sure I wont be ordering some parts if need be like a fuel filter. once I'm going to get all greasy working on the car, I might as well fix some other stuff while I am in there. hehe

On another note, be warned that old electrical tape will destroy leather. I had my radio out for some rewiring, and My friend was he,lping me. he touched the steering wheel with some of the tape residue on his hands, and the steering wheel literally got eaten like acid was on it. now instead of a smooth leather wheel, I have a rough all torn up one. He himself has never seen that happen in all his years using electrical tape. We think there must have been some kind of chemical reaction to the oil form my hands or something. I literally had chunks of clack leather coming of in my hands.

I was forced to use some hand cleaner and wd40 to remove the goo so I could drive the car. After that was all done I used some cleaner and it is now dry at least and not sticky and coming off in my hands.

I think it was strange as I had contemplated buying a steering wheel leather cover because my wheel had some wear on it, and that same day my rim on my wheel got messed up.

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