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Originally Posted by offroad_boy
i have been looking to buy a mercedes turbo diesel and have found one in my area for sale. it is a 84 300sd with 334k miles for $1800. im planning to go look at it and wonder what i should look for. any info would help. thanks. -justin
Welcome to the forum.

As a new fellow to diesels, I would advise you to avoid a machine with 334K on the clock unless you know exactly what was done to it regarding maintenance over the last 20 years. If the engine is original, it's getting a bit tired at 334K and you will need to plan on replacing it within the next 100K.

There are better choices in the 150-200K range with prices from $3K to $5K. These vehicles would be a much better value, especially for a person who is new to diesels and doesn't need a full blown project to maintain.
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