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I just sold my 1992 Smoke silber/parchment 190E much to my displeasure; although a 500E replaced it. I was fortunate enough to sell it for $9900 with some 17'' AMG rims on it.I had 140K on it and all that the virgin motor needed was the valve guides and seals replaced; it was strarting to consume oil. That straight six is a great for the front crank seals leaking and replace the radiator if its not been done. The 1992's had the better stereo system from Alpine and replacing the rotors would cost only about $80 a rotor and one could do the change over in the driveway. Put redline oils in the tranny and rear dif to get rid of the howl if it has one. As for size...I'm 6'1'' and even the back seat was OK for an hour or two. Forget the sythetic oil on an older'll be seeing the oil coming out of the seals. Other than that a solid entry level MB. I wish the 500E got the good gas mileage...soooo what. Good luck with whatever year you would be the '92-93 Sportline 2.6 models if you can find one around.
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